Vicoustic launches VicStudio VMT Box for sustainable studios

Portuguese firm Vicoustic has launched a new treatment kit designed to maximise the acoustic conditions of any home or project studio.

Building on the success of its VicStudio Box, the new VicStudio VMT Box sports a design inspired by the company’s flagship Wavewood product.

Designed to suit the aesthetics of any project studio, the VicStudio VMT Box comes in three different finishes – black, white and grey.

The Flat Panel VMT (Virtual Material Technology) available on the new kit is a sustainable alternative to standard absorbing foams, says Vicoustic. 

The company developed VMT using recycled materials that are also recyclable themselves. The company also paid close attention to both air quality and fire safety in its design. 

The kit can be used on its own or in conjunction with additional kits, depending on space and budget.

With one box, you can start to treat first reflections from side walls, late reflections from back wall and low frequencies with bass trap. 

With another box, you can start treating the front walls and ceiling, while improving treatment to the back wall. And with a third box, you can control flutter echoes on the ceiling and improve diffusion in the back of the room.