VIDEO: AKG introduces HELICAL antenna

Harman’s AKG has introduced the HELICAL antenna, which is designed for use by touring sound professionals, sports broadcast engineers and engineers frequently operating at the FOH hundreds of feet away from stage.

Connecting with wireless microphone or in-ear monitoring systems, the HELICAL passive circular, polarised directional antenna operates in the UHF range, carrying a frequency between 470 and 740 MHz.

For FOH engineers working from unusually vast distances from a stage, the HELICAL is designed to serve as a lightweight, easily storable solution. Connected to a microphone receiver or in-ear monitor transmitter via low-loss coax cable, the antenna aims to increase the overall performance. Furthermore, the HELICAL antenna achieves 9dB gain.

“AKG’s HELICAL brings an entirely new level of convenience and quality to the live sound market as a stable signal due to less interference or at longer distances becomes less of a worry,” stated Wolfgang Fritz, product marketing manager, tour sound, AKG. “With AKG’s HELICAL antenna, engineers receive high directionality and strong signal reception, with no additional adapters required. It’s simply plug and play for a more reliable, quality signal.”

The HELICAL antenna has a durable, water-resistant nylon cover and compresses from 12-inch to 3-inch to fit inside a rack drawer for storage. It is designed for rapid deployment as users can unfold, extend and mount the unit on a stand quickly, connecting the cable with an N or BNC connector to receivers, transmitters or antenna combiner. The device has a directional pattern, circular polarisation and 470-740MHz-frequency range.

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