VIDEO: HHB offers overview of Avid S6 Joystick Module

The Avid S6 Joystick Module is the subject of a new in-depth video overview from HHB Communications and Scrub, the company’s post-focused subsidiary based in the heart of Soho, London.

In the video, which you can watch below, Devin Workman of the Scrub sales team takes a close look at the S6 Joystick Module, a master module of the Pro Tools | S6 control surface. The S6 Joystick Module option for M40 and M10 S6 configurations offers dual touch-sensitive joysticks to mix surround sound projects. It can also be used to control any other knob parameter on the S6 to create a wide range of effects.

Workman comments: “Available now and supported in S6 software version 2.1, the dual touch-sensitive joysticks allow for precise panning control when working in surround sound.”

The overview is the latest in a series of videos created by HHB’s Avid experts to outline the key features of the S6 control surface. To check out the previous Avid S6 videos on HHB’s YouTube channel, click here.

According to HHB, the firm is the UK’s leading S6 reseller and the most experienced installer of the S6, having supplied over 50 S6 control surfaces to some of the UK’s top post-production facilities. Furthermore, HHB’s technical sales support department includes three Avid Certified Support Representatives.