VIDEO: Lab.gruppen on the road with Imagine Dragons

Lab.gruppen has released a video showing how Sound Image recently provided a PLM 20000Q four-channel amplifier setup for Imagine Dragons’ worldwide tour.

The California-based company has been supporting the four-piece alt rock band on its Smoke + Mirrors Tour since it kicked off in April.

Cameron Whaley, system tech for Imagine Dragons and audio crew chief on the tour, chose the PLM Series to compliment the current speaker setup. Sound Image supplied 60 amps on Imagine Dragons’ previous tour compared to half of that amount to do the same job this time around, significantly reducing the system’s footprint and making it easier set up.

What Whaley finds most interesting, as he explains in the video, is the PLM’s built-in lake processing and load monitoring software, which makes it very easy for a systems engineer to use.

Scott Eisenberg, FOH engineer on Imagine Dragons’ world tour, likes the PLMs for their ability to bring all the system integration with the Lake EQ and processing together into one complete system, and says that being able to use all of the system EQ was a huge help in terms of keeping things consistent.

The processing ability of the PLMs allowed the team to design a system that met the requirements of each venue pretty quickly, whether it be an arena or an interestingly shaped theatre, as Eisenberg also reveals.

You can watch the full video below: