VIDEO: Meyer Sound now shipping CAL column array loudspeaker

US loudspeaker manufacturer Meyer Sound has begun delivery of its CAL column array loudspeaker.

Available in three models, the CAL is a self-powered installation product that is designed to introduce optimal levels of vocal clarity in the most reverberant environments.

Recipients of the first shipments include a collegiate stadium and an indoor auditorium in the US, as well as an Australian live performing arts centre.

“CAL is a digitally steerable column array product in which all high-frequency and low-frequency drivers are tight-packed in a bi-amped configuration and are individually amplified and processed,” said John McMahon, executive director of operations and digital products at Meyer Sound. “These engineering details are essential in enabling the beam control needed for a human voice to cut through a highly reverberant acoustic space.”

CAL’s vertical beam can be angled up or down in one-degree increments up to 30 degrees to aim specifically at target coverage areas without exciting an entire architectural space. Two of the CAL versions – the CAL 64 and CAL 96 – also include beam-splitting capabilities for applications where a balcony wall may cause undesired reflections.

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