VIDEO: Recording at Angel Studios for new Jäger TV ad

Award winning UK electro duo Koven have composed the music for a new £2.7 million ad campaign by Mast-Jaegermeister as part of its latest marketing initiative, recorded over two days at Angel Studios London with help from composer Walter Mair.

Koven is the production alias of Max Rowat and Katie Boyle, a ‘cinematic bass’ outfit based in London. The music for the commercial was written by Rowat and transcribed by Mair, and the collaboration took place at the North London facility where an eight piece orchestra and grand piano were used to capture an atmospheric, dynamic track designed to suit Jägermeister’s ‘Craft The Moment’ campaign ethos.

“I enjoyed every minute,” commented Rowat. “Taking something that was created just from my computer and seeing it be recreated in a live environment with very talented musicians was a great feeling.

It has been challenging to make musical sense but still fit into those time constraints.”

Composer Walter Mair said, ”I got an amazing sounding track from Max, and was approached to lift it up, make it more commercial and make it bigger in sound.

"At Angel studios we recorded strings and piano to give it a bit more of an epic flair, and add to the composition that he has created.”

The commercial premiered last Monday (23 November) with high profile slots throughout the evening, and is running for the next five weeks.

You can view the behind the scenes video of the ‘Craft the Moment’ TV ad below.