VIDEO: The Rolling Stones celebrate 50 years of rock ?n? roll

2012 is proving to be something of a landmark year for Britain, what with the London Olympics now just weeks away and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations still relatively fresh in the nation’s collective memory. So, how fitting it is then that today marks the 50th anniversary of another major British institution…

It is 50 years today (July 12th) since The Rolling Stones made their inaugural live appearance under their now immortal moniker at London’s Marquee Club in 1962. Since then, the band has gone on to become arguably the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of all time, boasting a litany of classic hits and a popularity that shows no signs of waning.

With Mick and ‘Keef’ now approaching their 70s, The Rolling Stones’ appetite for playing live also shows no sign of abating, with the band rehearsing together for the first time in five years, leading to increasing speculation that the band may return to the live stage at some point this year to celebrate their 50th birthday.

However, despite hinting at a potential gig this year to commemorate the occasion, Richards has played down talk of a tour this year, citing 2013 as a “more realist” date for the band to hit the road again, telling Rolling Stone earlier this year, “basically, we’re just not ready.”

Meanwhile, Jagger has also confirmed that the group will have no involvement in the upcoming 2012 Olympics, taking to Twitter to state: “We are not playing the Olympics, but I’m looking forward to watching the games like everyone else.”

The band have also denied reports that they will be performing at next year’s Glastonbury festival.

With no live gigs set in stone, fans can look forward to a new documentary film due for a September release, which details the band’s histroy from their first gig 50 years ago, through to the present day, as well as a photography exhibition that opens today to celebrate their 50th anniversary at London’s Somerset House.

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