Vintage King Nashville equips new Haxton Road Studios

Successful Arkansas music producer Neil Greenhaw has opened the new Haxton Road Studios after working with Darrin Fendley of Vintage King Nashville to outfit the studio with gear.

Greenhaw’s goal was to create a space from the ground up that fosters creativity and caters to artists and their songs in the central US.

The centerpiece of the studio’s control room is a new 48-channel Solid State Logic AWS 948 Delta console. Greenhaw’s love for SSL consoles dates back to his days tracking through them as a Nashville session player.

"I chose the SSL AWS 948 Delta because I wanted flexibility," Greenhaw said. "It was important to me to have an analogue path with the SSL preamps, EQ on each channel, and the Master Buss Compressor, but I also wanted to maintain digital control for Pro Tools HD and be able to write automation. The AWS also features Total Recall which is amazing for our workflow.”

Gear-wise, Haxton Road Studios is equipped with a plethora of equipment, including vintage analogue pieces like a Neve 1073, Neve 32264A, Urei 1176 Bluestripe and Neuman U 67, alongside modern classics like a Retro 176 and Sta-Level. Greenhaw’s guitar collection includes a 1937 Gibson L00, 1946 Gibson SJ, 1963 Gibson J45, 1942 Martin 00-18 and 1958 Martin D18.

"Working with Neil has been great. We spent a lot of time leading up to the sale talking about and designing just the right choices of equipment," said Vintage King audio consultant Darrin Fendley. "Haxton Road brings the best new gear from companies like Shadow Hills Industries, Solid State Logic and Barefoot Sound together with classics from Neumann, Urei and Neve."

While the doors at Haxton Road Studios have only been open a few months, Greenhaw already has his eyes set on future projects for the studio, with plans to expand into publishing, a label and the digital marketing arena.

"I want to cultivate a culture in Northwest Arkansas of musical excellence, but also implement a design aesthetic with comfort and acoustics at the forefront," Greenhaw concluded. "My hope is that Haxton will foster quality recording here, but also attract talent from all over the world to experience what we’ve done. Bentonville is a place I’m proud to call home and I believe this studio will be in the history books for nurturing a new era of the arts in this region."