Vintage King outfits US College with API, Prism Sound, and UA

Glendale Community College in Arizona recently made a major upgrade to its studio facilities with kit from Vintage King.

"Vintage King helped us all the way though the purchasing process down to co-ordinating our correct cable requirements to tie into our new and existing equipment, and what console would be best for our installation," explained David Nichols, who heads up the Glendale Community Colleges Audio Production Degree Program.

Jeff Leibovich, Chicago-based Sales Consultant, commented: "When David called in to let me know the Glendale Community College was looking at the buildout of their studio, I was very excited and eager to work together with him. As someone who went through the recording program at the University of Michigan, I know the importance of learning on real world equipment and how much that can help in landing internships and engineering jobs at top studios."

The Audio Production Technology programmes at Glendale Community College offer students an opportunity to receive training on industry-standard equipment by instructors with real-world experience and professional credentials. Students learn the concepts and theory associated with recording arts technologies while applying them in recording studio settings appropriate to their skill levels.

"Having an API 1608 as the centrepiece of the studio will give the students coming out of GCC hands on experience on one of the top selling recording consoles," continued Leibovich. "David was super easy to work with and prompt in returning calls and was always eager to hear my opinion on gear. He came in with a list of gear that any student, myself included, would be privileged to work on and learn on."

In addition to the API 1608, equipment supplied through Vintage King included a Bricasti M7 reverb, Prism Sound Maselec MEA-2 Mastering Equalizer, a stereo pair of Neumann U-87’s, and a stereo pair of Schoeps CMC6’s, a Shadow Mastering Compressor, Tube Tech EQ1a, and Universal 1176 and LA-2A compressor/limiters.

Professor Nichols concluded, "Our students get hands on familiarity with the same gear they will be using in the recording studios and production facilities they will be employed in, and are able to produce professional sounding recordings in school to add to their audio portfolio. It was really gratifying to have the audio pros at Vintage King give us guidance in putting together this real life studio classroom."