Void Acoustics powering Northern Nights Music Festival

Full Circle Productions and Basscraft will provide Void Acoustics sound systems to be used by a unique lineup of performing artists and engineers at the fourth instalment of the Northern Nights Music Festival – now just over a month away.

The festival, which features lots of bass music, house music, hip-hop and other niche electronic acts, takes place at Cook’s Valley Campground in Piercy, California.

“We were approached by Northern Nights Music Festival with a couple of challenges. They were interested in only using Void Acoustics sound systems for all three stages and an extremely powerful, beautiful sounding yet steerable sound system for the main stage,” said Jacob Ford, president of Full Circle Productions.

“The first year we deployed an incredible 24 Stasys Psyco subs, along with 12 Stasys Primes for the main stage. The second stage utilised Air Motions and Stasys X subs. The beach stage, provided by BassCraft, was Air Motions with Trinity X subs.”

The festival’s second outing saw 16 Arcline 12 line array elements added for improved directional capabilities. Since deploying the sound system for the Northern Nights main stage, Ford says the company has received an amazing amount of exposure, accolades and positive reviews, which include being named "one of the three most iconic sound systems on the West Coast” and Northern Nights as one of the top ten festivals in the country, largely attributed to the quality of the sound.

“We consider this an achievement considering we have only been in business for a short time and our competition are largely multi-million dollar event production companies,” Ford concluded. “Northern California is an extremely competitive market but by utilising Void Acoustics’ incredible sound and unique looks we have really stood out amongst our competitors.”

This year will feature performances from Amon Tobin, presenting his Two Fingers project, The Knocks, Troyboi, The Coup, Sugarbeats and Govinda and more.