Void Arcline 8 to be unveiled at BoomTown Fair

Void Acoustics will unveil the all-new Arcline 8 line array at the 2016 BoomTown Fair, which kicks off in Hampshire, UK today.

The decision to give Arcline 8 its first outing at the annual event dedicated to ska, reggae, folk, hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass, jungle, garage and more follows the brand’s success at BoomTown last year, where its flagship Incubus system ’caused quite a stir,’ according to Void, with many festivalgoers queuing to have their picture taken next to the stacks in the festival’s Barrio Loco district.

This year, the company’s speakers are being deployed at multiple stages, including Bassline Circus, Vamos, Mr Whompy, 24hr Garage Girls and The Dance-Off. Void’s technicians will also be on-hand to tune and position the systems, ensuring sound does not spill over to neighbouring stages, and is contained within the boundaries.

"We always look forward to the summer festival season and especially BoomTown. The festival is particularly special to us due to numerous personal connections and our associated involvement with one of the best UK festivals of the year," said Void managing director Alex Skan. "This year is particularly exciting for us as this will be the first appearance for our new Arcline 8 line array system, which will be used on the Bassline Circus stage. We previewed Arcline 8 at Frankfurt’s Prolight + Sound earlier this year and it’s really exciting to now see our Arcline 8 System feature at BoomTown as well as the Outlook and Dimensions festivals in Croatia later this summer."

The eighth BoomTown Fair is now running until 14 August. The festival rose up from its humble beginnings in 2009 to become what Void believes is now ‘one of the UK’s wildest and most inspiring independent festivals.’