VUE al-12 system delivers at Italy’s Mengo Music Fest

Sinergie supplied a VUE Audiotechnik system to support more than 30 Italian, European, and international indie-rock and electronic acts performing over the course of the four-day Mengo Music Fest in Italy this past July.

Headliners of the 13th-annual music festival, tucked in the Arezzo foothills 50 miles southeast of Florence, included The Zen Circus, Fast Animals and Slow Kids, Levante, and Salmo.

Show organisers tapped Sinergie Group to provide PA and stage monitor support using a VUE al-12 based system. According to Livio Spallino, Sinergie’s experience using VUE with the headline acts made their engineers, and the resident sound technician’s decision to switch to VUE clear.

The Mengo festival presented a number of difficult challenges for the sound system however including preventing sound spilling beyond the festival grounds, as it’s just a stone’s throw from historic Roman ruins in the middle of Villa Alfieri park. The system also needed to be capable of dealing with a very wide range of musical styles and a 300kg hanging point weight limit. The VUE al-Class Acoustic Linearity line array system was selected for its precise coverage control, scalability, size-to-performance ratio, and sound quality.

Sinergie deployed two FOH al-12 man hangs along with h-8s as front fills and six ground-stacked hs-221 double 21” infrasonic ACM subwoofers. Stage monitoring was entrusted to a mix of hm-212’s and hm-112’s, with hs-221’s and hs-20’s for stage fill and drum monitor subwoofer support.

“We knew we needed versatility with incredible precision for this event, yet with power and sonic accuracy,” explained Spallino. “The local parks authority required we limit the system throw to 30-meters from the stage, yet all bands, in spite of very different musical styles, asked for a large PA. From the very beginning, we knew that VUE could deliver on all fronts.”

And deliver it did, with both the mains and monitors receiving resounding praise from visiting act’s FOH engineers: "It was nice to have consistent sound pressure across the listening area — that’s not easy to get with a band with very diverse dynamics,” said Andrea Marmorini, FOH engineer for Fast Animals and Slow Kids.

“I immediately found what I was looking for, great coverage and great sound pressure while maintaining care and accuracy in detail,” added Simone Squillario, FOH engineer for Salmo.