W E Audio takes delivery of two Midas Pro2 consoles

North Oxfordshire’s W E Audio has received delivery of two Midas Pro 2 mixing consoles, purchased from LMC Audio.

Managing director of W E Audio Wayne Barker and his team were already extremely familiar with Midas’ products, having already taken stock of two Heritage H3000s. “We have always loved what Midas put into their consoles, especially the XL3 & XL4 and of course the H3000”, explained W E Audio project manager at Rylan Machin. “So when we saw what Midas had done with the Pro2, bringing out a console with a small footprint, a respectable channel count, and the same Midas quality and attention to detail, we knew there would be high demand for hire on this console again.”

Barker and Machin made the decision to invest in the Pro2 at this year’s PLASA show, where they took full advantage of the demo sessions available on the Midas stand. Rob Hughes, UK Customer support manager at Midas and Klark Teknik, commented: “It’s great to see long standing Midas customers like W E Audio making the move over to Midas digital, and I am sure the Pro2 consoles will be a huge success for them. The demand for the Pro2 and Pro2C consoles has been fantastic, and is set to become one of the fastest selling Midas consoles of all time. It’s set to be a very high demand console in 2012 and beyond.”

Tim Bamber, technical sales for LMC Birmingham, who advised W E on their investment, added: “W E Audio have been looking into new Midas consoles for some time now, so when the Pro2 was launched it made perfect sense for them. Coming with such a recognised “Midas Sound”, in a small format and with a great price tag, plus its intuitive way of working and exceptional monitor features such as MCA’s and GEQ/FX features, it was a no brainer.”

As well as adding the desk to their hire stock for touring and events, Machin stated that W E will be offering what they call “The Bus Package” aimed, in particular, at tours requiring a small footprint console on a tour bus with a trailer:
“The Bus Package will include our fully patchable stage box that we are very proud to have incorporated into the Midas DL251 with satellite boxes and breakouts, so that the console can be put into house systems and local supply.”

He added that there will then be an option to take out a microphone package with all the necessary cable and microphone stands. “We hope that this package will offer a quick get-in and get-out option to engineers who are touring through different venues with a limited amount of space in a trailer.”