Warm Audio adds WA-47 tube condenser to its mic line-up

Warm Audio has announced its new WA-47 tube condenser microphone, due to ship in December.

The all-vacuum tube, large diaphragm WA-47 offers nine patterns and is intended for studio, live and broadcast applications.

The WA-47, which utilises a custom reproduction of the k47-style capsule, is designed with the same hole pattern and frequency response as this vintage model. It also boasts a lower gain, low noise JJ 5751 vacuum tube and a TAB-Funkenwerk (AMI) USA transformer with large core imported German laminations.

Warm Audio partnered with Gotham Cable in Switzerland to use its 7-pin GAC-7 cable, in an effort to increase top end presence and the overall size of the recorded image in the stereo field.

The WA-47 uses a polystyrene coupling capacitor for uncompressed top-end response from the capsule, wima film capacitors throughout, and an imported Solen French capacitor on its output driving the TAB-Funkenwerk (AMI) USA transformer.

The Warm Audio WA-47 mic will be available in December for $899 US.