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Warm Audio Opens Studio at Austin HQ

Warm Audio has opened a state-of-the-art, 3,550-square-foot facility near Austin, Texas – one of the fastest-growing music communities in the US. The company aims to further its mission of giving everyday musicians access to legendary sound with its new studio, built on the Warm Audio corporate campus.

The facility features two recording spaces including Studio A consisting of a large tracking room with vaulted ceilings, two dedicated isolation rooms, and an extremely spacious control room. In addition, there is a more intimate Studio B consisting of a smaller mixing and control space complete with dedicated full-size isolation room.

To complement an expansive gear list, Warm Studios features the full line-up of Warm Audio classic-inspired preamps, compressors, equalisers, microphones, guitar pedals, cables and more for achieving truly legendary sound.

“It’s always been my dream to build a recording studio that was second to none with no expense spared to ensure it was done right, and Warm Studios is that dream come true,” said Bryce Young, founder and CEO of Warm Audio. “The mission of Warm is about giving every musician and engineer access to the most unattainable and legendary gear, and Warm Studios exemplifies that vision. This studio is open for the public to book but it’s not intended as a profit centre for Warm, instead it’s an extension of our mission to give musicians access to legendary sound.”

warm audio studios

Studio A consists of a spacious 702-square-foot control room with a 14-foot-wide, triple paned window, viewing into a 1,065-square-foot tracking room with a loft and 25-foot, vaulted ceilings. Additionally, two isolation rooms measuring 148 square feet and 123 square feet, respectively, provide flexibility for any recording situation.

Studio B is a single 154-square-foot tracking room featuring direct sight lines and access to the 212-square-foot control room for uncompromising communication, functionality, and productivity. Both studios are designed around their ATC monitors and Solid State Logic AWS948 Delta consoles.

The entire facility was expertly constructed for ultimate acoustics and isolation. Each space is built with a “room-within-a-room” construction, completely decoupled from the rest of the building and campus, protecting the studio from any outside traffic or business activities at headquarters. The isolation design consists of a six-inch concrete slab floating on a two inch isolation membrane that rests on the foundation of the building. On top of that is an isolation shelf for each of the different studios and the control room. The two isolation booths within studio A are also completely floated and independent from each other within the larger studio, The outer walls of the control rooms are eight-inch thick concrete blocks filled with sand. Giving artists and engineers a first-class experience of sound isolation and reinforcement while recording.

With a communication and production system built throughout the entire studio, Warm Studios has optimised the workflow and efficiency of each space. Each studio has a personal monitor mixing system with touchscreen control, built-in high-powered headphone amps, and video conferencing with seamless headphone communication in every room for uninterrupted workflows. With the help of this modern networked audio system, engineers are able to dial up and route individual mixes for each artist’s specific preferences quickly and efficiently.

Young explained, “Austin is becoming a music mecca for artists and engineers. We not only want to be part of the music industry by providing access to classic-inspired, legendary gear, but to participate in bringing that music to life.”