Warm Audio TB12 now shipping

The brand new Warm Audio TB12 Tone Beast – toneshaping microphone preamplifier and DI is now shipping in the UK.

The TB12 is a discrete 312-style preamp design with coupled CineMag transformers. The output section provides the user with a choice between a steel or 50 percent nickel CineMag transformer. The two output transformer options provide differing sonic characteristics, especially when pushed/saturated. A transformer bypass switch is also available to remove the output transformers entirely from the circuit, providing users a cleaner, more transparent signal path.

The discrete opamp selection switch provides both the classic 1731 (vintage) and 918 (cleaner) style op-amps. When pushed to saturation the user can achieve noticeable sonic differences/flexibility. Additionally, the op-amps are socketed/swappable with the users choice of 2520 six-pin footprint op-amps.

Furthermore a capacitor selection switch gives the user additional options still. This switch selects between electrolytic and tantalum capacitors for varying warmth and character.

The TB12 comes fully loaded with an insert point for connecting compressors, EQ’s etc, a 80Hz hi-pass filter, polarity reverse, 48v phantom power, -20dB pad, balanced XLR, TRS and quarter-inch instrument inputs, balanced XLR and TRS outputs, LED VU meter and 71dB of gain.