Warner Audio Visual expands repertoire with Soundcraft Si Compact 24

Warner Audio Visual has recently invested in a Harman Soundcraft Si Compact 24 digital console in order to provide corporate organisations with optimum audio support for their annual meetings and events.

With locations in Chicago, Phoenix and Orlando, Warner Audio Visual has been supplying companies with audio-visual systems for their events for 40 years. David Ruke, technician at Warner Audio Visual, commented on the company’s decision to go with the Soundcraft console: “We went with the Si Compact 24 as it was the perfect option for a small footprint console and allows us the flexibility to work with many diverse clients. I am able to get the feel of an analogue board all in such a small setup.”

Designed for use at corporate events where space is at a premium, the Si Compact 24 allows Ruke and colleagues to set up in the corner with limited cable and distraction, which is vital at high-profile events.

Since opting for the Si Compact 24, Ruke and the rest of his team have been impressed by many of its features. “I have worked with other digital consoles and the sound quality is noticeably different and so much better on the Si Compact,” Ruke explained. “It feels like a bigger board than it actually is. I love the built-in control, EQ, compressors, and limiters. It’s tough to find all those options on a small board.”

Ruke was also keen to point out the simplicity of the console when it comes to last minute changes and adjustments: “Whether it be adding a performer, another presenter or the podium being moved to a different side of the room, it is easy to adjust EQ and calculate the differences quickly. I can add a monitor mix in, throw a few patches in through the reverb, it’s all easy.”