Watch HHB?s second Avid S6 video

HHB has released the second part in its Avid S6 educational video series, which highlights the features of the Master Touch and Automation Modules.

Devin Workman begins the second video by highlighting the S6’s Master Touch Module (MTM), a 12.1in multipoint touchscreen that forms the core of the console. The MTM provides control of an entire session view or each individual track. All functions of a selected track, including dynamics, EQ curves, sends, surround panning, and more, can be adjusted from the touchscreen. This is in addition to rotary encoders and dedicated knobs for monitoring and global control.

Workman also shows how the S6’s Automation Module provides a complete transport section for writing automation and navigating projects, a multi-function shuttle/job wheel, user programmable soft keys, the attention fader, colour shortcut displays and switches, a numeric keypad, and more.

The third video in the S6 series will show how the Soft Keys offer quick access to menu, editing, and automation functions.