Watch how KLANG delivered a binaural listening experience at a silent concert

As Audio Media International reported earlier this month, FOH engineer Tobias Raunigk teamed up with 3D in-ear monitor mixing manufacturer KLANG:technologies to deliver a binaural 3D listening experience for a performance by German band Adulescens at a silent concert at Marienplatzfest in Stuttgart.

The project saw the use of over 1000 headphones and a binaural 3D mix powered by KLANG:fabrik.

“We wanted to deliver something special as the next step up from silent discos in stereo,” said Raunigk. “With KLANG:fabrik you can create a 3D mix for the audience that sounds like you’re on stage between the musicians and not just standing in front of the stage. You’re surrounded by music, and that is really impressive.”

“The signals on stage are fed into the Dante network and send over to my Allen & Heath GLD-80 at FOH and then as direct outs via Dante to the KLANG:fabrik,” added Raunigk.

“I use two MIDI layers on the GLD-80 to do the headphone mix in the KLANG:fabrik since I prefer mixing with physical faders. I like easy tools for creating and mixing sounds and KLANG:fabrik is so fast and intuitive to work with.”

Watch Tobias Raunigk discuss the project here: