Waterloo Station benefits from Tannoy installations

As part of the recently completed audio overhaul of London’s Waterloo Station, one of the busiest in the capital, Tannoy’s VLS Series of loudspeakers were used as part of the new installation.

Funded by Network Rail, the upgrade has been handled by Glasgow-based TG Baker who looked to solve the audio issues that had plagued Waterloo. The station had previously suffered from poor PA clarity, with marble and glass surfaces causing high reverberation.

Made up from three models in a column array, the VLS Series builds upon the success of the QFlex steerable array systems by giving contractors the first Tannoy product to utilise focussed asymmetrical shaping technology.

This technology shapes the coverage towards the lower quadrant of the vertical axis and caters for speedier installation with less need for tilting.

“We’ve used Tannoy’s QFlex digital beam steering range at other transport projects in the UK, including a major installation at Glasgow Central, but this is the first time we have utilised the technology available in the new passive column range,” said Brian Andrew, head of TG Baker’s Railway Division.

“The VLS was a perfect solution for the space, as it fitted in with the overall architecture and allowed us to use the existing structure to hang the loudspeakers. VLS loudspeakers, once commissioned, provide the balcony area with the same quality and coverage as that of the active ‘intelligent’ loudspeakers that cover the main concourse area.”