Waves Audio appoints Piazzini as live product specialist

Spain-based live engineer Fabrizio Piazzini, a veteran of concert tours and venues throughout Europe, has recently been appointed as a live product specialist for Waves Audio, the developer of professional audio digital signal processing technologies.

Piazzini’s credits include acts such as Patrick Wolf, Tindersticks, Delorentos, Kula Shaker, Amy MacDonald amongst others.

In his new role, Piazzini will communicate with live sound engineers across the continent, demonstrating Waves plugins and typical workflows. Piazzini stated: “They become engrossed. Once they see how they can integrate plugins in their live workflow, they are hooked. It’s a simple job, really!”

Piazzini is currently finishing off a collection of promotional gigs with Amy MacDonald, where he has been using a Waves MultiRack Native setup as most of the gigs are on analog consoles.

He uses a selection of Waves plugins on his laptop to execute all vocal processing such as: C6 Multiband Compressor, SSL G-Channel, Doubler and IR1 Parametric Convolution Reverb.

Piazzini said: “It can be hard to get rid of the stigma that plugins are only for the studio. The paradigm is shifting, and consistency can be achieved with different platforms – you can take presets across different sessions and different desks very easily. Once I can communicate these concepts to engineers, they are on board and once they see what we can do with the Wales plugins in a live setting, they can’t wait to get out there and do it themselves. I am proud to be an ambassador for Waves, and I look forward to continuing in my new capacity as Waves Live Product Specialist.”

Mark Olesh, Waves senior vice president, added: “Waves is delighted to have Fabrizio Piazzini onboard as a live product specialist. His vast experience and expertise are true assets to the company, and we look forward to his spreading the word and educating the live sound community about our technologies.”

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