Waves celebrates 25 years with revamped versions of classic plugins

To honour its 25th Anniversary, Waves Audio is now shipping revamped and reskinned versions of three of its classic plugins: the Q10 Equalizer, the AudioTrack channel strip plugin and the L1 Ultramaximizer level maximizer/peak limiter.

The revamped 25th Anniversary editions include new plugin features, as well as a choice between two graphic user interfaces – the classic “Legacy” interface, and the new “Modern” interface created especially for the 25th Anniversary celebrations.

The first plugin by Waves, the Q10, is a multiband paragraphic EQ with up to 10 bands of precision equalisation for mixing and mastering. Each band offers six different filter types and complete control of gain, frequency and Q. It is configurable as either two independent mono equalisers or as a precisely ganged stereo equaliser.

New 25th anniversary features of the Q10 equaliser include:

•Proportional Q filters: When selected, Q value is proportional to gain adjustment. As a band’s gain increases, Q value increases and the filter narrows.

•Selectable band control: Choose between viewing all parametric band controls in one view or focusing on a selected channel. Both views show the complete graphic display.

•Double Precision control: Lets users choose between 32-bit floating point processing and double-precision 64-bit processing.

The AudioTrack channel strip plugin includes three processors in one – EQ, compression and gating. The four-band paragraphic equaliser provides bell, high-pass, low-pass, and shelving filter options. Its dynamics section includes a fully adjustable compressor/expander and gate. Input and output faders allow for proper gain staging, and dynamics and output meters enable accurate visual feedback.

New 25th anniversary features of the AudioTrack channel strip include:

•Focused EQ band display: Lets users view only the selected band’s parametric controls, to quickly understand and control band values

•Separate meters for Comp and Gate gain reduction: For greater clarity and focus

•Double Precision: AudioTrack now executes 32-bit floating-point processing at 64 bits

Finally there is the L1 Ultramaximizer, the first software unit to offer a brick wall limiter. With only two major controls – quick and simple to use – the L1 is an advanced-level maximiser, look-ahead peak limiter and high-resolution re-quantiser. Known for its transparency and punch, the L1 has been used on countless hit recordings over the past couple of decades.

New 25th anniversary features of the L1 Ultramaximizer include:

•True Peak domain setting: Eliminates inter-sample clipping

•Automatic Release Control: Automatically adjusts release time