Waves Greg Wells ToneCentric plugin now shipping

Waves Audio has unveiled Greg Wells ToneCentric, a new plugin that is part of the Greg Wells Signature Series.

Created in collaboration with multiple Grammy-nominated producer, musician and mixing engineer Greg Wells (Adele, OneRepublic, Katy Perry, Twenty One Pilots), who has songs on over 85 million units sold, Greg Wells ToneCentric is a musical harmonic enhancer based on Wells’ favourite pieces of analogue gear.

It is designed to add rich analogue tone to individual tracks or entire mixes, in the studio or live, with an ‘extremely easy-to-use’ single-knob interface.

“I’m always on the hunt for ways to pull more music out of the speakers. You get a beautiful effect when you run audio through healthy vacuum tubes and big transistors wound the right way, and record it to a great tape machine,” remarked Wells. “This plugin is a homage to the great analogue gear that leaves a wonderful sonic footprint on your sound. There are certain pieces of gear in my studio that consistently do this for me without fail: a holy grail 1950s mono tube compressor, a tape machine, a custom-made vacuum tube console. In developing ToneCentric, it was important to me to keep things sonically quite full overall, but with an added depth of field.

“As with all the plugins in my Signature Series, there is an enormous amount going on behind the simplicity of the single-knob interface,” Wells continued. “Different settings on the knob will yield different results, and I encourage you to experiment with subtle to mid to drastic levels.”