Waves’ Infected Mushroom Pusher now shipping

Waves Audio is now shipping the Waves Infected Mushroom Pusher plug-in, created in collaboration with electronic music duo Infected Mushroom.

Twice ranked among the world’s “10 Best DJs” by DJ Mag, Infected Mushroom are renowned for being the sonic innovators behind psychedelic trance, a subgenre of electronic music known for their hypnotic arrangements, complex layered melodies and synthetic rhythms. They have collaborated with the likes of Lady Gaga, Zedd and rock legends The Doors.

The Waves Infected Mushroom Pusher plug-in is an all-in-one multiband sonic enhancer and limiter/clipper that delivers Infected Mushroom’s “secret mixing sauce.” Bringing together high-end processing and Infected Mushroom’s decades of mixing experience, it gives users great possibilities for boosting frequencies, enhancing sounds and mastering full tracks for any genre or style.

Users can employ Pusher to add grit to drums, add brightness to instruments or push the whole mix to the max all in a matter of seconds. The plug-in is also low-latency, so users can freely implement it in the studio or live on stage.

Pusher can be used on individual sounds, on busses/groups, or for mastering, using six easy-to-use controls:

• Low – Enhance low frequencies and choose where the processing begins based on note or frequency. Ideal for getting kicks and bass instruments to drive through the mix.

• Body and High – Enhance the mid and high frequencies.

• Magic – Excite and boost the dynamics of all frequencies at once. Good on drum groups or full mixes.

• Stereo Image – Widen the stereo image of higher frequencies.

• Push – Push the mix to the max by clipping or limiting. Perfect when mastering.

Infected Mushroom commented on the Pusher plug-in: “We wanted to combine our mixing and mastering tricks that we’ve been working on for 20 years into one plug-in. Pusher will make almost anything sound better in a matter of seconds.”