We are Scientists tour with iLive

American indie rock band We are Scientists recently specified an iLive digital mixing system for FOH as part of their tour of Indonesia and Singapore.

Kicking off in Bali, the tour saw local rental company Sumber Ria supply the system, which comprised an iDR-48 MixRack with iLive-T112 Control Surface.

FOH engineer Tim Walter, commented: “It was the first time in that area that iLive had been used and the results were incredible, especially as it was amid total chaos, including a domestic dispute that climaxed in a full bottle of beer exploding on the T112.

“The surface and I were both covered in beer and glass but the local techs cleaned up the desk whilst I ran to the stage to mix from my laptop for a few songs.”

The band also performed on the main stage at the Java Rockin’ Land festival using an iLive modular system, also provided by Sumber Ria, who were managing the festival and had installed iLive systems on the majority of the stages.