Wharfedale Pro powers high profile Hong Kong club event

A Wharfedale Pro sound reinforcement solution was deployed for a VIP gathering to mark the opening of TW Steel’s first Hong Kong boutique.

The system consisted of Delta 12 full range loudspeakers, Delta 18B subwoofers, MP-2800 amplifiers, Contact 800 wireless microphones, an SL-824 USB mixer and XO-204X crossover.

Four-time Grammy Award winner Kelly Rowland led the celebrations at the Armani Aqua venue in Central Hong Kong, which played host to a headline performance from Dutch electro DJ Mitchell Niemeyer. Several DJs from the local club circuit were also part of the line-up, including Eve Speciall, who had this to say about Wharfedale Pro’s contribution:

“The sound system rocked, it was really clear and had plenty of bass. Mixing on this system was really good, as I could hear every detail and it really got the crowd going. As a DJ you cant ask for more from a system,” she said.

“The Wharfedale Pro Delta Series has a great sound – really clear and powerful with good coverage,” added sound engineer Jürgen. "I used five Delta 12s and four Delta 18B subs. Five mid/hi enclosures were needed as the venue had quite a tricky shape to cover.

"The system had more than enough headroom. Before his set Mitchell asked if he could have a bit of extra level; the system had a lot left in the tank so I agreed to 20 per cent extra gain and this gave a real good powerful club sound that helped send the crowd wild.”

The Delta 18B subwoofers were set up to provide bass to the capacity crowd on the 8m x 10m dance floor, as well as coverage to the far reaches of the venue.

Wharfedale Pro is located at IAG House, Sovereign Court, Ermine Business Park, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE29 6XU, UK and can be contacted on +44 (0)1480 447706.

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