White Light builds on inventory with DPA investment

White Light has continued to build on its equipment catalogue with an additional investment in DPA d:screet 4080 and DPA d:vote 4099 microphones, following last year’s launch of the company’s audio department.

White Light has already invested in the DPA range, with its existing hire stock including DPA d:fine headsets, d:screet 4060’s along with podium microphones. The latest investment includes a large quantity of DPA d:screet 4080’s and DPA d:vote 4099’s – all of which will be available for hire.

Marcus Wadland, WL’s audio project manager, commented: “It was a natural choice for us to add additional ranges of DPA microphones to our hire stock. We are continually evaluating the current market offerings from the pro audio industry and there really was no other contender when it came to close fixed instrument microphones to service our growing workload”.

The DPA d:screet 4080’s and d:vote 4099’s join a series of other leading audio manufacturers such as EM Acoustics, Full Fat Audio, Sennheiser, Shure and Yamaha which are all available as part of WL’s hire range.

Wadland added: “Over the past 12 months, our equipment has been hired out to prolific events such as the Rugby World Cup, music festivals, corporate functions and even charity fundraisers. Similarly, only last month, we delivered a large-scale conference which included a large plenary, several large breakout spaces and 60 channels of RF therefore this continued investment comes as no surprise. With the addition of the latest DPA microphones, we continue to grow an equipment inventory which can fulfil any audio requirements."