White Mark builds Dolby Atmos room Theatre for EIKON Group

Acoustic Consultancy White Mark has designed and installed a Dolby Atmos screening theatre for Soho-based technology solutions and servicing company EIKON Group.

The The 12-seater theatre, which now forms the centrepiece of EIKON’s 3,000 square foot London post production facility, is the first of its kind that White Mark has built in the UK.

David Bell, White Mark’s Managing Director, says: "The Dolby Atmos Premier film mixing theatre that we built for Cinelab in Moscow was our first experience of designing a facility for this new format. Since then we have seen a significant increase in interest, not only from companies like EIKON that deliver services to the cinema industry, but also from companies that deal with cinema advertising."

Located in London’s Poland Street, EIKON specialises in creating foreign versions of feature films for major studios and independent distributors. The company also handles VFX for foreign localisation, soundtrack replacement, censor editing, subtitling and Digital Cinema Package mastering.

Equipped with an Alcons Audio professional sound system, EIKON’s new theatre was completed at the beginning of this year and is already being used.

"As the first ground-up, purpose-built Atmos facility in the UK, we were able to adhere perfectly to the specification set down by Dolby and create the best possible listening and viewing environment for our customers," explains EIKON’s director of technology, Laurence Claydon, who also runs the technology consultancy Cinefilm.

"White Mark consistently achieves excellent acoustic isolation on all their builds and I have never been disappointed with any of their facilities," he says. "Internally, their studios always have incredibly tight bass, and just the right balance of absorption and diffusion for a perfect listening environment. You really can hear every detail."

Audio Media was invited down to the facility earlier in the year for a demo (including a screening of the first 10 minutes of Gravity in 3D and Atmos) and can attest to the sound quality of the room. The Alcons system provides clear separation of the Atmos object-based mix creating a truly engrossing audio experience.