Woodworm Studios rebuilt around SSL duality console

Woodworm Studios, a classic 30-year old rural residential facility, recently enjoyed a complete technical refurbishment with a Solid State Logic Duality SE console as the centrepiece for the studio complex. The original creative home to Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull, and an early incarnation of Radiohead, among others, Woodworm Studios is under new management, which has upgraded the entire equipment collection and technical installation for the two-building facility. Duality was the key investment, bringing together the outboard gear, DAW and multiple recording spaces within a new control room.

“Duality was the first piece of equipment that I made a decision on and I renewed and revitalised the studio around it,” says Stuart Jones, owner/engineer, Woodworm Studios. “I’ve spent a year and a half basically re-wiring and starting from scratch with all of the equipment, outboard gear, DAW, and monitoring system centred on Duality. I wanted to create an environment where producers and engineers could walk in and would feel familiar and very happy to use equipment of this calibre. My clients know they will get the right sound from the moment they walk in and see Duality.”

Woodworm Studios consists of two buildings, each with separate living quarters for extended production stays. The main building has a large double height live room and associated isolation booths on the ground floor, with a mezzanine level that contains a guitar recording room and the studio’s control room. ‘The Chalet’ has tie-lines that run from the control room in the main building to its smaller studio space, which is ideal for drums or brass sections. Woodworm has always primarily been a creative recording space, but the sound of Duality is already bringing in existing clients for re-mixing.

“I’ve taken projects that I’ve recorded over the years and the sound through Duality is vastly superior,” states Jones. “Duality imparts new life to these older projects and my clients love this. They tell me it’s like hearing something for the first time. You have a preconception of how you’ve heard it in other rooms and on other equipment, but Duality makes every track sonically blossom. Another reason that I went with the SSL was for the VHD mic pres that come with Duality. I can now offer my clients both the super clean, signature SSL sound and the very different VHD colours when laying down tracks or mixing. Just running audio through Duality is a pleasure.”

Thanks to its DAW control and 5.1 monitoring section, Duality has also opened the doors to sound for film and video game clients for Woodworm Studios.

“With Duality, we can go between the digital and analogue domains seamlessly without breaking the flow of the session because of the on-board DAW control,” explains Jones. “You can be focused on the analogue side of a session even though you’re working in the digital domain at the same time. Duality is truly the centre of the studio because it allows us to focus on the audio and not on a bunch of screens, and that is the commercial success difference between Duality and other consoles.”