Woodworm Studios selects PMC

Woodworm Studios, which began life over 30 years ago as Fairport Convention’s private recording facility, has added a variety of PMC speakers to its gear list.

Situated in a converted chapel in the heart of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, Woodworm was bought by recording engineer Stuart Jones in 2012 and renovated to high standards. It is now based around a Pro Tools HD system, a 24-channel Solid State Duality SE console and a surround array of PMC TB2S-A MkII speakers, with a pair of MB2 XBD-As serving as the main stereo reference monitors.

"I’ve had the TB2s for a while and have always been a PMC fan, hence the surround array," explained Jones. "I needed some high-quality large-scale reference monitors for Woodworm when I finished the renovations, but the nature of the room doesn’t lend itself to flush-mounting; soffits would have taken up too much space and restricted the natural light, which is one of the great things about the place."

Following discussions with several speaker manufacturers, Stuart then realised the answer was right under his nose.

"Of course, PMCs work equally well whether they’re flush-mounted or free-standing. I tried the MB2 XBD-As and the decision was made, really. There’s a reason for their amazing reputation. They sound equally natural whether they’re running at full tilt or quietly, and whether I’m working on full-on rock music or an early music ensemble. The MB2s have really taken the guesswork out of mixing for visiting engineers and producers, especially for the tricky low-end frequencies.”

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