WSDG’s first Beijing studio tracks haul of No.1 hits

The first recording studio to be built in Beijing by the Walters-Storyk Design Group’s (WSDG), 55TEC, is already celebrating success since its unveiling in May 2017.

Studio owner and Golden Melody Award-winning recording engineer Li You reports that the complex has produced six No.1 recordings so far as well as three additional Top 10 Chinese single chart hits since opening its doors.

Bruce Liang (pictured below) cut Soul Singer in February prior to 55TEC’s official opening, and it hit No.1 that month. 

He returned to 55TEC in June to record Fall Deeply, which placed No.5 on the charts in August. One of 55TEC’s first sessions, Not Single, recorded in May by A-Lin hit No.1 in August. Superstar Li Yuchun recorded Yi Tang in August, and achieved No.1 in November. Leading artist Joker Xue recorded Hands At Back in November and leapt to No.1 that same month. Major star Hua Chenyu cut IQ 250 in September and reached No.1 in October.

Meanwhile, Jin Zhiwen recorded Cry To You in August and reached No.1 in September. Seventeen year-old pop idol Roy Wang cut Seventeen in October and charted No.3 in November. 

Finally, Jane Zhang recorded The Women’s Kingdom in October, reaching No.4 in November and recently performing the song at the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai.

“WSDG’s global reputation for designing extraordinary recording studios inspired us to reach out to them to assure China’s top stars that our studio was serious about offering the highest quality recording option,” said 55TEC associate Lizzy Zhou.

“WSDG founding partner, architect/acoustician, John Storyk’s credits range from Jimi Hendrix’s historic Electric Lady in 1969 to NY’s Jungle City and Paul Epworth’s amazing The Church Studios in London. WSDG has won eleven NAMM TEC Awards for Creative Studio Design, and 55TEC is proud to have been nominated for the 2018 Award. We are very pleased to join this incredible family of hit-making studios, and excited to have charted so many No.1 hits at 55TEC in our first year."