Yamaha announces update to Nuage software

Nuage, the audio post-production solution from Yamaha and Steinberg will be receiving its first major software update next month.

With the upcoming update, the Nuage PT Bridge driver for Pro Tools control gains OSX 10.9 compatibility so that Pro Tools running on Mac platforms is fully supported.

Version 1.5 will allow remote control of the head amplifiers in Yamaha’s R series I/O units from Nuage Master and Fader control surfaces. Along with providing a broader selection of I/O options for Nuage systems, this upgrade will also allow CL and QL series digital mixing console inputs to be shared via a Dante network, providing significant system expansion options.

Added to the Nuage Master unit will be Quick Control, allowing specified parameters to be assigned to the multifunction display, giving the user even greater customisation control. Another addition to the Nuage Master unit will be the ability to instantly access a vast range of VST instruments from the display and knobs, delivering more efficient and effective sound crafting. A super-fine mode is also being added to the multifunction knobs, providing as much as 512 times finer parameter control than has been previously available in the fine mode.

Providing enhanced expandability and compatibility, Dante Accelerator version 2.5 will be released simultaneously with Nuage software version 1.5, providing support for the latest (late 2013) Mac Pro models via Magma and Sonnet Thunderbolt expansion chassis.