Yamaha CL5 celebrates with Spain?s Cadena 100 Radio

An array of Spain’s most high-profile musicians recently performed at a special 20th anniversary festival for Spanish radio station Cadena 100 Radio, with sound engineer Bori Alarcón opting for a Yamaha CL5 console to mix the performance by vocalist and actor Dani Martin.

The seven-hour show, which also marked the CL5’s debut Spanish festival appearance, took place in the Estadio Vicente Calderón, home of Athlético Madrid football club, which regularly hosts major live music events in the Spanish capital.

Bori, a Latin Grammy Award winner, and one of Spain’s most acclaimed audio engineers, utilised the CL5’s facilities to maximum effect, as Dani performed songs from his solo album Pequeño and by his band, El Canto del Loco.

“Although it was the first time a CL series console had been used on a festival in Spain, Bori had previously done a CL5 demonstration for our customers earlier in the year. It meant he has a very intimate knowledge of the system and could get the most from it,” said Jacinto Lopez, head of Commercial Audio at Yamaha Music Europe Ibérica.

The CL5 was connected direct to two Rio3224D remote i/o boxes by the secondary port, the primary port being connected to a Macbook Pro by the Ethernet port, which was used to record the show and provide several channels of playback, and a Waves SoundGrid server was also put to use for specific channel processing. Bori also used the CL series StageMix iPad app for additional visual monitoring of a number of functions, including several auxiliary mix sends.

“I got a great sound from the system, which is very straightforward to use despite the fact that I was using a lot of its resources, ” noted Bori.

“Some instruments – like the bass drum, snare, hi-hat and vocals – were running with the Premium Rack processors, mainly the RND Porticos, while the guitars and Master Channel were inserted in the Waves SoundGrid.

“The flexible recording and playback facilities were also a major bonus. Overall the CL5 performed exceptionally well and I was very happy with its first festival outing here.”

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