Yamaha enhances R Series I/O units

Yamaha’s R Series I/O units, an integral part of the CL series digital mixing system, have been improved with the new R Remote software application for Windows.

R Remote allows remote control of the head amplifiers in the Rio3224-D, Rio1608-D, and Ri8-D I/O units directly from a laptop or desktop PC, without the need for a CL series or similar digital mixing console with remote control capability.

Available as a free download from the Yamaha Pro Audio web site, R Remote opens up many new possibilities for audio engineers. These include setting up a live recording system with just R Series I/O racks and a computer running Nuendo Live or similar DAW software; operating Dante infrastructure completely independently of a console or using R Series units with consoles that don’t support remote head amp control, such as the Yamaha 02R96 or 01V96i (with Dante-MY16-AUD interface card installed).

These are just three examples. R Remote offers enormous potential for setting up advanced systems, which provide enhanced portability and expandability.

“R Remote is another example of how feedback from Yamaha users helps us to deliver new products that audio engineers really want,” says Chihaya ‘Chick’ Hirai, Yamaha Pro Audio PA manager. “R Remote can deliver previously unprecedented system capabilities and we are sure that many users will find this versatile new product very useful.”