Yamaha Introduces New, Reimagined HS Series Compact Studio Monitors

Yamaha, the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments and audio solutions, has announced the next generation of its legendary HS Series: the HS3 and HS4 speakers. These new two-way bass reflex powered studio monitors feature a premium, compact design that delivers faithful sound reproduction for passionate professionals and audiophiles who require a small, lightweight footprint. The speakers also maintain clear, transparent acoustical versatility to meet the needs of a creator’s next project.

“Empowering expression is the foundation of all that we do at Yamaha, and with this new generation of HS Series, everyone from audio connoisseurs to aspiring production professionals can experience a premium studio set up at home,” says Preston Gray, director of marketing for professional audio at Yamaha Corporation of America.

Since the 1970’s, Yamaha has developed nearfield reference monitors that have served as the industry standard, including the flagship HS Series, first introduced in 2005. With this new, redefined iteration, music creators and streamers can produce best-in-class content ranging from music production to video editing, all at an affordable price point.

The speakers are ideal for home studios, bringing cutting-edge technologies and enhanced sound to smaller spaces without compromising quality. Portable and compact, the HS3 and HS4 utilize a high-performance class-D amplifier, resulting in a lightweight package and simplified cable connections, which allow the speakers to be easily transported and taken on the road.

The rear panels of the HS3 and HS4 are also equipped with room control and high trim functions that allow users to make adjustments to achieve the ideal sound for any environment, like reducing the unneeded, exaggerated low-end that can often occur when speakers are placed next to walls. Additionally, the rear panels combine XLR/TRS phone, RCA, and stereo mini-jacks, allowing users to connect to a wide range of professional and consumer equipment such as computers, audio interfaces, audio mixers, and electric instruments. HS3 and HS4 also feature proprietary “Twisted Flare Port” technology that reduces air turbulence noise in the bass reflex port for clear and accurate bass.


Featuring the iconic Yamaha design, the HS3 and HS4 will be available in white or black body starting Jan. 4, 2024, at the following pricing:

HS3 / HS3 White and Black: $229.99

HS4 / H4 White and Black: $249.99