Yamaha launches RIVAGE PM10 digital mixer

Yamaha continued its quest to deliver the best possible standard with its launch of the RIVAGE PM10.

The unit features the RY16-ML-SILK Hybrid Microphone Preamplifier with an analogue section which delivers consistent, natural-sounding audio, even at high gain levels. It is partnered with a 96kHz, 24-bit A/D converter, followed by enhanced Yamaha VCM digital modelling of Rupert Neve Designs transformer circuitry and acclaimed Silk processing.

Operated via a user interface with a full Selected Channel section, 24 of the control surface’s channel strips extend virtually seamlessly into the twin, 15-inch touchscreen displays, while rotary encoders feature ‘horseshoe’ ring indicators for optimum visibility. A third display screen can be added via a DVI socket, if required.

Other features include greatly enhanced Scene functions, dual monitor busses, the ability to run up to 384 effects processors at once and four USB connections for data storage, mouse/keyboard control and two track USB recording.

The backbone of the RIVAGE PM10 system is the new TWINLANe ring network, which can handle up to 400 audio channels at 96kHz, 32-bit over distances of up to 300 metres. TWINLANe can connect up to eight RPio622 i/o units and, at launch, up to two CS-R10 control surfaces and up to two DSP-R10 DSP engines.

The RPio622 features six of Yamaha’s new RY card slots, compatible with three different types of i/o card, providing up to 96 mic preamps per rack. The RPio622 and DSP-R10 feature HY card slots (two and four respectively) for further i/o, while all three hardware components feature two MY card slots. An optional HY-Dante card can be used to integrate multitrack recording or other hardware, including other Yamaha digital consoles.

With the CS-R10 control surface also featuring 8 x 8 local analogue i/o and 8 x 8 AES3 i/o with sample rate conversion, a fully-expanded RIVAGE PM10 system can accommodate over 3000 i/o.