Yamaha unveils Nuage v1.8 with Dolby Atmos support

Yamaha has revealed new v1.8 software for Nuage, its ‘state-of-the art’ DAW system designed in collaboration with Steinberg for commercial applications ranging from audio post-production to music recording and mixing.

Version 1.8 offers full support for the VST MultiPanner 3D surround plug-in included with Steinberg’s Nuendo 7.1 digital audio workstation, faithfully reproducing the VST MultiPanner interface on the Nuage master touch screen.

The result is an ‘ideal environment for Dolby Atmos surround production’, bringing Nuage up to speed with today’s fastest-growing immersive surround format, Yamaha says.

VST MultiPanner makes it possible to work on a 9.1 channel bed mix and an object mix with up to 118 audio objects via a single display. As a project progresses the operator can switch between bed and object modes without having to redo the panning. Top View and Rear View displays make it easy to visualise the positions of audio images within the sound stage in three dimensions as well.

A comprehensive selection of panning trajectory presets is also provided.

The Nuage version 1.8 software can be downloaded from the Yamaha Pro Audio website free of charge.

A Dolby Rendering and Mastering Unit (RMU) and Nuendo RMU Connector for Dolby Atmos are required for object mixing, and more details on VST MultiPanner’s features and operation can be found here.