Yasmine Riechers takes over as CEO of Georg Neumann GmbH

Yasmine Riechers is to become the new CEO of Georg Neumann GmbH, a subsidiary of the Sennheiser Group. She takes over from Ralf Oehl with immediate effect, and will be responsible for further expanding Georg Neumann’s global business and driving forward the company’s strategic direction. Yasmine Riechers was previously Head of the Corporate Development Office of the Sennheiser Group.


“We are very pleased that Yasmine is taking over the management of Georg Neumann GmbH with immediate effect. Together with the Neumann management team, Yasmine will be responsible for the focus and further strategic direction of Neumann,” says Andreas Sennheiser, Co-CEO of Sennheiser.

“Yasmine brings a strong combination of strategic thinking and international experience that will help Neumann continue to grow and strengthen the global footprint of the world-renowned brand,” adds Daniel Sennheiser, Co-CEO of Sennheiser.

Most recently, as part of the Extended Executive Management Board of the Sennheiser Group, Riechers headed the family-owned company’s Corporate Development Office. Prior to that, she worked at Sennheiser Greater China as Director of Operations and subsequently as Country Manager. She started her career in Human Resources at Sennheiser in 2008, before laaving the company for other roles, and then returning to the Sennheiser Group in 2015.“Neumann has an excellent reputation in the professional audio industry. I am proud to lead a company with such an impressive history into the future,” emphasises Yasmine Riechers. “I am very much looking forward to my new role – especially to working with the entire Neumann team and our customers around the world.”

She had already participated in developing the further strategic direction of Neumann with her predecessor Ralf Oehl; in particular, both of them jointly drove the integration of Merging Technologies. “Developing Neumann towards a leading provider across the entire audio value chain, was an exciting task for me,” says Ralf Oehl. “The support of the Sennheiser family, the dedication of our employees, and the legendary Neumann community have brought great success to the company and many special moments to me over the past four years. I am very grateful to everyone involved and will keep Neumann close to my heart. I’m now looking forward to Yasmine taking over from here to build on this.”


The name Neumann is associated with over 90 years of success: the Berlin-based company, which is part of the Sennheiser Group, is regarded as a leading manufacturer of studio microphones. In addition to the multiple sound engineers who use Neumann microphones in their studio productions, its products are also used by world-famous musicians. In 2010, Neumann launched the first studio monitor and in 2019, the company expanded its range to include studio headphones. Since 2023, Neumann has also been developing audio interfaces together with the Sennheiser subsidiary, Merging Technologies, to support reference quality recording workflows.