Yes Events buys further RCF kit for Flash Mob event and beyond

Hampshire-based events organising company, Yes Events, have purchased further RCF tech in the form of the TT+ kit as part of a push to standardise their inventory and successfully support a wide range of events from Flash Mobs, concerts and more.

Yes Events first bought a TT+ system—short for Theatre and Touring—nine months ago. The company were so impressed that they promised to standardise their tech with RCF gear in the future. This promise was met last month with the company bringing on board RCF TT+ line arrays, monitors and RDNet controllers as they prepare for what will be a busy summer season for the company.

The hire company—which does events as diverse as event production and entertainment to weddings and team building events—was stimulated to spend this vast amount of RCF tech after it was called upon to assist the Rock Choir’s infamous Flash Mob as they simultaneously hit 30 shopping centres on March 25th.

This recent round of buying sae the company pick up an eight-enclosure RCF TTL33-A compact, 3-way active line array system and two further RCF TTS28-A subs to add to the four they already have.

In addition, they bought six RCF TT25-SMA touring 15 inch stage monitors and RCF’s proprietary RDNet system software, to integrate with the TTL33-A.

All this served the Rock Choir—which is the biggest contemporary choir in Britain—well on the day. The Rock Choir entertained shoppers with their burgeoning repertoire of rock, pop and gospel music after a soloist arrived at each of the 30 venues armed with a radio mic and backing track to kick-start the Flash Mob performance.

Yes Events was the preferred supplier for the Flash Mob event and were charged with handling the sound reinforcement at many of the venues. In achieving this, Yes Events relied upon RCF components.

At Bristol’s new £500 million Cabot Circus shopping mall they deployed their new RCF TTL33-A line array system immediately. The company utilised the array’s wide dispersion by fitting two elements per side.

Beyond Rock Choir’s Cabot Circus performance they also provided their existing RCF TT25-A active two-way monitors and compact RCF ART 722-A active full-range enclosures with ART 905-AS active 15in bass bins and the 4PRO series, with 4PRO 8003-AS active 18in sub.

With the Rock Choir event already achieved, the RCF tech will now continue to see a massive amount of action.

“We are big fans of the Touring & Theatre range,” explained Yes Event’s Tom Chennells. “We topped up our inventory with the Rock Choir event coming up but really purchased the new SMA stage monitors because we have won the contract to look after 25 outdoor community festivals this summer, generally featuring smaller acts and tribute bands.”

The RCF tech also provides some very handy features which Yes Events will be able to take full advanatage of with their diverse range of jobs.

“As the TTL33-A is compatible with the RDNet control and DSP input cards we can be specific about how it throws the sound — which is vital at sites where containment is an issue,” added Chennells who runs the company with Nick Ratcliffe. “This is a unique feature and one of the reasons why we chose the TTL33-A.”

Yes Events also purchased their own stage roof and it appears that it is likely that the company’s inventory will continue to be populated with RCF models with Chennells emphasising that: “We will continue to expand with RCF.”