York Barbican transforms sound system with HK Audio?s Cohedra

UK venue the York Barbican recently reopened its doors, having transformed its former sound system with the installation of an HK Audio Cohedra line array system.

The new system was specified as a result of the Barbican’s technical team approaching local firm JSS Audio with an audio wish list. Having installed a vast number of HK Audio systems in a multitude of venues over the years, JSS immediately turned to its Lab.gruppen-powered HK Audio Cohedra compact line array system when asked to demo their proposed solution.

Following the demo, an order was made for a FOH system comprising 16 CDR108 mid/hi enclosures (flown eight per side) and eight CDR210C subs (with two per side flown above the mid/his, supplemented by a further two per side on the ground.)

The venue also purchased a number of HK’s ConTour Series enclosures, with six CT108 enclosures deployed as front and outer fills, and six CT115 enclosures serving as stage monitors. These could also be configured as fill enclosures for more demanding applications.

Control for the entire system is provided by two FIRNET system controllers, featuring HK’s new FirSoft software control platform. All amplification is courtesy of Lab.gruppen’s FP+ Series, with the whole system powered by four FP10000Qs and an FP6000Q four-channel amplifier.

Jem Walker of JSS Audio said: “The combination of Lab.gruppen and HK Audio Compact Cohedra has been tried and tested by JSS Audio for some time, so the decision to offer this system was not difficult. We had to comply with the Barbican Centre’s requirements and work to a budget. This was done and the Barbican now have a Public Address system they can be proud of.”

Andrew Hunter, York Barbican’s technical manager, said: “We were trying to find a system that was within our budget, but also completely flexible to our needs. It needed to be a self-contained system that was up and out of the way, but always had to be available – and that’s what we got. I’ve only used the HK Cohedra system at two or three shows so far, and we’re still getting used to everything it can do, but we’re absolutely happy with it.”