Zaxcom introduces ‘smallest and lightest pro recorder to date’

Zaxcom has announced the ZFR400, describing it as its ‘smallest and lightest professional recorder to date.’

The ZFR400 records professional quality audio as a stand-alone device without the use of additional transmitters or receivers.

Audio is recorded internally onto a microSD card using the lossless MARF (Mobile Audio Recording Format) that eliminates file corruption common to recordings due to dead battery or early card removal. Files are then instantly copied to Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) or MP3 via ZaxConvert, free software available for MAC or PC. A built-in timecode reader and generator will synchronise timecode making it easy for post to organise.

The ZFR400 is housed in a high strength nylon polymer casing with rounded edges, machined metal and rubber gaskets. It measures 2.2in x 1.6in x .55in and weighs 2.2oz (62g) with battery. The battery provides up to 10 hours of run time and its door is magnetically latched and sealed to protect it against the harshest of production environments.

Like all Zaxcom miniature recorders, ZFR400 comes equipped with ZaxNet, a user selectable 2.4 GHz RF signal that provides remote control functionality. ZaxNet can automatically jam timecode on the ZFR400 upon powering, eliminating the need to jam timecode using a cable. Additionally, multiple ZFRs can jam timecode wirelessly under ZaxNet when one ZFR is set as a timecode master. The ZFR400 also provides a timecode output that can be used to jam any SMPTE timecode compatible device.

NeverClip is also included to provide 128 dB of dynamic range without clipping audio, whereby two separate analogue to digital converters work in conjunction to provide a natural distortion free dynamic range. Additional features include the ability to monitor audio quality of the ZFR400 using a Zaxcom ERX3TCD audio receiver via ZaxNet QC, a selectable high pass filter and a 3-pin micro LEMO connector.

“The size of the ZFR400 is something sound enthusiasts will appreciate,” said Colleen Goodsir, director of sales and marketing at Zaxcom. “It’s incredibly tiny but still packs all the features people love about our products.”