Sensible Music installs Solid State Logic AWS 948 δelta SuperAnalogue console

Sensible Music has refurbished and upgraded its recording studio, installing a new Solid State Logic AWS 948 δelta SuperAnalogue console with the help of studio design, build, and installation company Studio Creations.

North London-based Sensible music boasts a number of long-term rental production rooms, a rehearsal / live pre-production space, a commercial recording studio, and a boutique gear hire business.

Said general manager Jack Freegard: "The previous studio had to be operated by one of our in-house engineers because the set-up was so unique. The new set-up we’ve created with Justin and Rob from Studio Creations means it’s a much more accessible room. Anyone can come along, plug-in, and play. 

"I think it’s the perfect console for the modern age. It offers us maximum flexibility, accessibility, and ease of use… We’ve found that on sessions where it has been dry-hire, even people who have never worked in the analogue domain before can be up and running, and understand how to use the desk, in half an hour.

"The dual channel path of the 948 means you can have up to 24 stereo returns, or a more traditional in-line set up. Many of our customers are working on urban and pop music, making music on their laptops and running software instruments and so on. Mostly they are working with stereo tracks, so bringing that to a stereo desk is a huge advantage.

"The pre-amps are the best SSL pre-amps I have used. They are phenomenal – pristine, until you drive them, and then they’ve got really nice harmonic qualities… The sound stage it gives you is amazing – the depth, the punch, the clarity – everything you expect from an SSL is all there, in both a small physical footprint and a low energy footprint. We’ve seen a huge difference in our energy bills since switching to the AWS.”