SSL AWS 924 δELTA installed in Morley College London

Morley College London has installed a new Solid State Logic AWS 924 δelta SuperAnalogue hybrid console in its main recording studio control room.

The main recording studio has a mid-sized live room plus the 5.1 control room with Adam monitoring and the new SSL AWS 924 δelta console. There are two more live spaces available: A concert hall where they regularly record orchestral performances, and a medium-sized concert space suitable for big bands and smaller ensembles.

Through any one year, Morley College hosts over 2000 students across its classical music, Jazz, pop, vocal studies and music technology programmes. The Studio also takes on a number of commercial bookings and has recently completed the latest album for Artist in Residence Bill Laurance – keyboard player with Brooklyn jazz fusion jam band Snarky Puppy.

Said Camilo Salazar – programme manager and music technology & studio manager: "The SSL is a big upgrade for us and the studio. Before that we had an older DAW controller. Now we can teach students proper signal flow, we can EQ what we’re tracking, and so on – all the important skills… We’ve had feedback from students that have gone to other studios and suddenly understood the console they have found there – the flow of the studio. The console is helping to prepare them for real-life scenarios.