Aaton Digital adds Rec and Play feature to Cantar recorders

Aaton Digital has announced a free Record & Play facility upgrade to owners of its Cantar X and Cantar Mini location sound recorders.

The Record & Play facility allows clone, remix and solo music operation.

The new Cantar Mini was the recipient of NewBay’s Best of Show Award, at the recent 2017 NAB Show by Pro Sound News.

The Cantar Mini is based on the Cantar X3, the company’s digital 24 track location sound recorder. US production mixer Chris Giles used his Cantar X3 to record sound for the Academy Award winning movie ‘Moonlight’.

Cantar lets users play a pre-selected file and record new files simultaneously without any latency, which is presently quite a unique feature on a field recorder.

This feature offers many possibilities including:

– Adding a new track to an already recorded piece (sound on sound – no latency).

– Clone your last take (all your iso tracks) and redo your mixdown track(s) – re-record without losing your mixdown and remix just that one channel.

– Dialogue that cannot be saved from production tracks can be re-recorded (ADR or looping).

– Telephone call, background music or wild sounds stored, can be played and re-recorded (or not) during the ‘live’ recording.

The new features will come as a free software update available from the Aaton Digital web site, available in June.