Adlib enjoys T in the Park

Liverpool-based rental company Adlib recently returned to Scotland’s T in the Park festival for the sixth consecutive year to provide sound for the King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut stage.

Despite the torrential rain, the crowd in attendance at the King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut stage were treated to an eclectic mix of artists, including Fun, The Wanted, Nero, Skrillex, J-Cole, Miles Kane, Ben Howard and Calvin Harris.

The Adlib crew on-site was led by Kenny Perrin, who was joined by Michael Bernard Flaherty, Sam Proctor and Steve Pattison, who once again opted for a JBL VerTec system. The main PA hangs comprised nine VT4889 speakers per-side, with four per side for the two delay towers, positioned left and right of the FOH mixer to ensure the sound radiated evenly out to cover the back of the enormous tent. With regards to subs, 16 VerTec 4880As were arranged in four blocks of four across the front of stage. For infills and outfills the system design utilised 16 Coda LA8s.

All of the 4889s were driven from Camco Vortex 6 amps, with Labgruppen PLM 20000s for the subs and in/out fills.

At FOH, Adlib supplied a Soundcraft Vi6 console and one of their standard Lake processing/matrixing racks, complete with two LM44s and three LM26s. FOH duties were handled by Pattison, with a selection of outboard also available as spec’d by certain engineers, including a TC 2290 tap delay.

All of the main acts brought their own FOH and monitor engineers, a trend that Perrin observes is becoming increasingly common. Onstage, he took care of monitors, with a Yamaha PM5D console and 18 Adlib MP3 wedges, all powered by PLM 10000s.

For side fills four arcs and four SB28s were used, while Adlib drum subs were also provided (2 x MP3 subs & 2 x 15”).

Perrin, who has worked on T In The Park for the last four years, commented on this year’s event: “We have done this many times and got it down to a fine art where everything runs like clockwork and all involved in the production of King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut work together in unison like a big happy family.”

He added that, despite the awful weather conditions, the whole crew got stuck in “like real troopers” to ensure that the show was a success.

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