AES UK announces new Mastering Section Conference

A new Mastering Section is being formed within AES UK to provide a forum for professionals, researchers and innovators to discuss developments and requirements related to mastering audio.

To give a platform for the mastering community to discuss, guide and take part in the changes afoot in the industry, the organisation will hold the first AES UK Mastering Section Conference from 21-23 September 2018 at the University of Westminster.

Keynotes are yet to be confirmed, but conference themes and topics will include; Audio Mastering: past, present and future; Mastering practice: human or artificial intelligence; Innovation in mastering and post production; Music consumer behaviour: the changing psychology and perceived value of mastering; and Platforms for dissemination and sending mastered audio (watermarking, DDP etc.)

Further topics will include mastering studio technology innovation, audio engineering, hi-res audio and future music formats, online mastering, new trends, professional practice and business in mastering.

Those interested in working with the section, proposing a workshop event, or a product appraisal event in 2019, can contact