AIR Studios up for sale again

The George Martin-founded AIR Studios has been put up for sale by it’s current owner Richard Boote, who purchased the facility in 2006 and is also the founder of the Strongroom in Shoreditch. 

The 50m² control room of AIR’s famed Lyndhurst Hall features one of the largest Neve 88R consoles in the world, with 96 channels and Encore automation, SP2 film matrix and 48 ‘AIR Montserrat’ remote mic amps.

The Associated Independent Recording (London) Limited, or AIR for short, was created in August 1965 by four producers; George Martin, Ron Richards and John Burgess from EMI and Peter Sullivan of Decca.

This isn’t the first time AIR has been up for sale, with the studio last put on the market in 2012.

AIR has also been involved in a dispute over its neighbour’s proposed construction plans in recent years, which would have disrupted its business activities for several months.

Richard Boote, who acquired the studios in 2006, said: “The sale of AIR Studios is a significant moment in the history of the music industry. Some of the most legendary soundtracks and records of the 20th and 21st century have been recorded at Air Studios and we know that there is still scope to expand and grow the business further. Air Studios and those who work at the studios are hugely important to me and I am sure that this will lead to an exciting new future for the facility.”

Co-owner Paul Woolf added: “It has been a privilege for us both to have served as owners of Air Studios. We now feel it’s time to pass the baton on to the younger generation and look forward to seeing Air Studios continue to produce world-class, award-winning music for years to come.”

Via Music Week