Alan Moulder equips studio with Unity Audio monitors

Alan Moulder, one of the UK’s leading alternative rock producers, has recently installed a pair of Unity Audio’s active Rock near-field monitors into his Assault & Battery studio, based in North London.

Moulder, who has worked with an array of high-profile artists, such as Arctic Monkeys, Depeche Mode, Foo Fighters and Interpol, explained: “I really like these monitors. I can’t stop going to them. They’re not flattering at all, so they make you work hard to achieve the results, but that’s how a true studio monitor should be. I love them for balancing mixes, and vocals in particular. The bass detail and speed is quite staggering for a small cabinet, in fact the best I’ve heard given its size, and it’s big at low level too.

“High or low level, their sound is consistent, and the most important aspect is that my mixes translate extremely well once they leave the studio. My trusty old NS-10s have finally been retired. The Rocks do exactly what Unity Audio claim, the are’brutally honest.’”