Alan Parsons introduces new training series called Session Files

Alan Parsons’ music production education platform Art & Science of Sound Recording has launched Session Files: professionally recorded raw multitracks ‘direct from the studio’ that can be loaded into your own DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for processing and remixing.

Session Files Vol 1 comprises ten individual songs produced and recorded by Alan Parsons at studios around the world including Ocean Way, The Village, Studio At The Palms, and Abbey Road—the studio where Alan cut his teeth with The Beatles, engineered Dark Side Of The Moon and recorded his own multi-platinum records with The Alan Parsons Project.

Musicians featured on the recordings include such A-list session players as: Vinnie Colaiuta, Simon Phillips, Nathan East, Tim Pierce, Michael Thompson, Rami Jaffee, and Nick Beggs among others and also working bands such as Canada’s David Barrett Trio, Mexico’s Tren A Marte, and Fish On Friday from Belgium. 

“Everyone wants to know how the pros record,” said ASSR producer Julian Colbeck. “Whether it’s levels, arrangement, sounds or EQ, people want to know if their sessions look and sound like professional recording sessions. Even recording schools find it incredibly hard to find content students can make comparisons with, study, re-process, or use to do remixes."

In addition to the complete raw multitrack (24-bit / 88.2kHz) each session comes with a detailed track sheet with instrumentation, mics used and session notes from Alan, photos taken on the day and fly-on-the-wall video so you can see exactly how the recording took place – the players, the setting, the processes.

Session Files can be purhcased by download, or pre-loaded onto a custom USB drive.

Session Files were inspired by ASSR’s on-going series of live recording Master Class Training Sessions (MCTS), where enthusiasts get to make a record with Alan Parsons.

Session Files tie into ASSR’s award-winning video series The Art & Science Of Sound Recording. The 10-hour series provides insight into the recording process from soundproofing, through to a final mix. While ASSR’s video provides the information, Session Files now let you climb inside the music; interact with and implement that knowledge for real. In fact one Session File is All Our Yesterdays, the song featured and shown actually being created in the video series.

Alan Parsons was trained at Abbey Road, working with George Martin and The Beatles on Abbey Road and Let It Be. Alan went on to engineer Dark Side Of The Moon before becoming a multi-platinum producer and, ultimately, artist with The Alan Parsons Project.