Allen & Heath manages Brazilian carnival

Allen & Heath’s iLive-112 digital systems were used at Brazil’s famous carnival celebrations to manage the live performances of renowned international artists including Claudia Leite, Jota Quest, Pericles, and Michel Telo. Mixes were also routed to four GLD-80s, which handled the worldwide broadcast feeds.

Allen & Heath’s distributor Teleponto supplied the consoles, designed the systems, and managed the live performances and global transmission of the carnival. Six teams and a total of 70 staff were required to ensure the successful operation of six straight days of transmission and 72 hours of live broadcasts.

The GLD-80 consoles were used to handle audio feeds sent from several remote locations spanning over 2km. In addition, four AR2412 and eight AR84 audio racks and over 7km of optical fibre cable were used.

“With more than two million people in attendance and simultaneous live feeds to more than a dozen international broadcast and online networks, reliability was of the utmost importance, and as expected Allen & Heath delivered,” explains Antonio Pereira Neto, president of Teleponto.